DVRTool - Pioneer DVR/BDR firmware flashing utility (v1.02)




one question. I got a reply from and they told me, that the BDR-TD05AS is not their product. PIONEER also replied and this model is not supported and the firmware update and model is not even listed in their database (anymore). The FW1.02 update at is for the BDR-TD05 and dates back to 2014 so it is the most uptodate firmware for this drive. Is it compatible with the BDR-TD05AS?



Pioneer BDR-TD05AS is probably the OEM company Asus and it includes propulsion software and updates.
Technically, the equipment is identical to the Pioneer BDR-TD05, the other is just the software.

I was able to contact @ Blackened2687 and consult the topic.
All information on PW.



I just get a BDR-TD05, but I can’t flash it with the BDR-TD05_FW102EU.exe file, the BDR-TD05FAD_202.EXE Fujitsu file, the PIFOPD-00298097-1080.EXE Sony file, neither with DVRTool 1.02 with -ff activated (for Force Flashing).

So, can you tell me where can I download the DVRTool beta version so I flash this damned Pioneer model ?

Thank you.



Hey, wait a minute,

The link Arktos gave us for the EP0000600761.exe Sony File works fine for me.

I upgrade from 1.00 to 1.01, thank Arktos very much.

Is there a way to upgrade to 1.02 ?

That would be great.

See you.


I have the same problem BDR-TD05AS (the drive in my Asus laptop) with firmware 1.0 that seems having the same hardware than BDR-TD05, Sony has released a firmware updater to upgrade It to 1.01 for their BDR-TD05 OEM but cannot be used for this Asus OEM. I cannot find a way to update It. Someone here has been successful in this venture with BDR-TD05AS?

Any progress since your latest message here?


I have bdr 209m Pioneer burner, and I need ugrade it, when I use the tool of pioneer cannot make it because do not find the drive…windows 10 64 is my s.o. YOU can help me? Dvrtool with gui is impossible to find
Thanks in advance


What is the SATA controller to which the Pioneer BDR-209M is connected?
Upgrade your motherboard and SATA controller chipset drivers.


it is external usb drive


The BDR-209M is for general reference

Check if your Pioneer writer is a 209ebk or ubk, a 209dbk, or a 209jbk model.

Download the right firmware updater, and your writer will be updated with the new firmware, whether you downloaded the right one and your writer is recognized (check your cable).

It’s the simple way.


Thank you,but my burner is very strange BDR-209MBK ID52
Status RPC - 2 (region locked)
state is region set
and I cannot found this firmware updater…sorry


Do you tell us everything ?

Is your wriiter an ASUS writer ?

If so, is your model the BW-16D1X-U model ?
In that case, you can find firmware update here :


officially the burner is Buffalo BRXL -16U3 but the firmare is that I told you before…pioneer firmware


Did you try the 1.33 GENERAL file available into this page ? :

Does it work ?


hello,i tried this and other firmwares but the message is always Available target is not found


i think i need dvrtool with gui…someone can help me?


I found this answer of Blackened2687 that do not give me many hopes…

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any kernel for BDR-209/S09 series drives (and it’s unclear, do these drives have any additional protection from crossflashing or not), so for today crossflashing is impossible. Unless any newer firmware with ID52 kernel will appear, you will be limited to 8.11 firmware.

Maybe in the future we will overcome these restrictions. I hope for it, as well.

Do you have some news for kernel id 52?


Hello, do you can send me latest gui dvrtool? thanks