DVRTool - Pioneer DVR/BDR firmware flashing utility (v1.02)



I know but I’m referring only to software, not hardware which is identical.

Even BDR-209 and BDR-S09 have different Kernel/Firmware ID but they are the same device.

So, in other words, even if you’re absolutely right saying that bdr-209 can’t be crossflashed to 211, I’m pretty sure it is only a software (firmware) limitation and nothing more.

And I think, also, it is a commercial move to force users which like Pioneer, to buy the expensive UHD model, only to be able to read UHD discs. (Of course for those who want a real UHD device).


You are absolutely wrong.

Pioneer BDR-211 \ S11
Hardware is different though. Another motherboard, SATA 3 controller, other OPUs, an additional AACS 2 decryption system, quite different internal drive software and Eeprom.

Each crossflash attempt will make a “brick” from each drive model
Pioneer BDR-209 \ S09. I sincerely advise you not to think about it.

Even if it is the same hardware, it is still possible to overcome the protection of Pioneer anti-crossflash - a special model signature that prevents return from kernel mode to normal mode when software other than those written in the signature is detected.


Thanks for your explanation. :slight_smile:


Hi TwinParadox, I only modified the file name and inserted, through hex editor, the changes within the 2 files that make up the Pioneer updater (file name and date relase).
In practice, the .120 file I renamed it .135, within the 2 files I changed everything that recalled to 120 in 135.
Not being at home I can not show you the exact steps, but I doubt it will be so easy to edit kernel id and insert the part about AACS 2.
As soon as I get home, I will check
Sorry for the delay in the response.
Hello Roberto.


Hi There!

Thanks for working on this project! I think I could use some assistance. At this time we have been working with Epson PP-50, Epson PP-100 and Epson PP-100II Optical Burners / Printers. Internally they come with Pioneer BDR-PR1EPDV BD-Rom/DVD/CD Writers.

Sadly, Epson keeps count of each burn the unit complete, by reading directly from the firmware, on the optical drive and once the devices roll over a certain amount, the Epson’s will no longer burn any media, until a new drive is replaced.

Is there a way to incorporate this Firmware Flashing Utility to our Pioneer BDR-PR1EPDV units so we can reset the burn count on these devices. This would help us extend the lifespan of our equipment significantly, without having to order Optical Media that costs in excess of $500.

We would much appreciate your assistance, and we thank you for all of your efforts. Excited to see the new GUI version as well.

Thanks Again!


I am not sure if the device’s operating hours are saved in these drive models.
In the case of the Pioneer DVR-112DBKE and Teac DV-W5000E PP100, this was probably recorded in Epson print jobs based on the serial numbers of the drives.
You can give more data about how it works with Pioneer BDR-PR1EPDV.
What firmware does the drive have? Are they blocked and read in data / work counters when inserted in another device?

We managed to make a successful Pioneer BDC-207DBK crossflash for the Pioneer BDR-BDR-PR1EPDV PP100.




I’ve a couple of questions regarding downgrading my 209E/M from 1.34 (that drive came with that version installed already) to 1.20.

I’ve the firmware file S8600601.120 out of the original Pioneer exe file, is there anything else required?
Is there any risk of bricking the 209 due to the drive having 1.34 already when being manufactured?
And finally where is this nice GUI version of DVRTool? The 1.02 downloadable here is just a command line version? TIA.


There should be no problem getting back to firmware 1.20 by the DVRTools 1.02 program. The program will ask for a password to access the device.
The GUI version is a Beta version and is still not publicly available today.
For sure, I attach to check the Pioneer BDR-209EBK 1.20 firmware (S8600601.120) (1,8 MB)


Thanks, looks like it worked without a password? The Firmware file you attached is identical btw.


Thanks a bunch, at last a working download :grinning:

Kind regards


Thanks a bunch @blackened2687 for this awesome tool :grinning:

Kind regards


Can someone please tell me where I can download the DVDTool to back or crossflash my Pioneer BD206dbk drive?

Would greatly appreciate it.


Inconsistent burn results using PIONEER BDR-209D and PANASONIC BD-R

Please download DVRTool from us

I need to check with the DVRTool command what are the current state of the drive.

DVRTool -i X:
-where X is the letter associated with the drive in our system.

Make a screen and send to me.
Only then maybe I will be able to help with the kernel and firmware in this situation.


Here is screen shot. I tried to flash my pioneer to the correct firmware S1030611.106 for Pioneer BDR 206DBK and now computer says it is not an optical drive. Says it is USB ASMT 2115 USB Drive. I tried flashing it with firmware S1030611.106
What did I do wrong as now it is recognized as a USB storage drive and it will not eject etc.


I forgot to mention that the 206D is in a USB 3.0 external optical enclosure. Would that be the reason that it
shows in Disk Manager as a USB drive? If I ruined it that is OK as I have a Pioneer 209UBK\209M ordered to
replace it. I was going to fix the 206 to give to my Son.

I was using the wrong sign in information. That is why I was not recognized as a member.



You won \ changed the firmware to another Pioneer BDR-206D model without changing the kernel.
Most likely, this is the cause of the trouble.

Change to compatible kernel \ firmware




i have the same problem posted by marcusp '17 with my recently bought PIONEER BDR-TD05AS drive. Especially movies from Planet of the Apes - 40 year evolution collection require a firmware update in order to play the BDs in PowerDVD. The BD contain an modified BD+ v10 protection.

Drive Information:


Firmware Rev : 1.01
Extra Info : 13/01/25
Serial Number : -
Buffer Size : 4000 kiB

Additional Drive Information:

Label Code : ----

Hardware Rev : SAT 8211
Kernel Type : ID23
Firmware Type : ID23
Kernel Version : 0000

Drive is in normal mode.

Firmware flashing support : NO
Firmware dumping support : NO

Already downloaded the v1.02 firmware but can not install it. The archive contains two files:


Is there any way to get this PIONEER drive updated to fw v1.02? I would try to dump the fw v1.01 if someone could explain how to do it. Please help.




I will try to contact @ blackened2687, but it may take some time.
I do not remember in which version of Beta has been added support for this construction PIONEER BDR-TD05. I do not have this model anymore so I can check \ test flash \ crossflash.
There may be protection against crossflash \ kernel change and it may not be possible to change the drive ID.

The BD + v10 security should be shifted to AnyDVD in real time.



Hiya, thanks for addressing my problem and contacting blackened2687. Much appreciated. If there’s anything for me to do, for example run tools etc to analyze this drive, just let me know. I like to contribute.

Does “beta” mean DVRTool already partially worked with this drive? I like to donate, is that possible?

This seems to be a former firmware update for the BDR-TD05VA v1.01.
but it is not for the BDR-TD05AS drive…



@ blackened2687 has not yet replied to my technical inquiries.
As soon as I receive information from him, I will contact you.

Beta version
As I remember correctly, the option of uploading firmware and kernel (flashing) to this drive has been added.

Firmware flashing support: YES
Firmware dumping support: NO