DVRTool - Pioneer DVR/BDR firmware flashing utility (v1.02)



blackened2687, with the great work you’ve done with DVRTool, it’s not a problem, I was just testing the features.


Pioneer BDC-207DBK
It looks like everything is OK. Drive programmatically and physically falls in kernel mode.


Pioneer DVR-116 DBK - full service


Dumping EEPROM? Is that the “-de” command?


[B]KTL[/B], it’s considered to be “beta” command - I’m still not sure, if it’s a correct method to retrieve EEPROM data. Also I still haven’t figured out how to change this data in the drive.

Yes, the command is “-de” - but there is nothing really useful it can do (yet).



Could LiteOn iHAS124 F had LightScribe?:wink:


[B]czary2mary[/B], wrote you a PM on forums…

To everybody: could anybody please ask for the firmware dumps in this topic on rpc1 forums:

I’m unable to register there (forum engine rejects all my emails), so I can’t do it by myself. I really need that kernel and firmware for experiments… Thanks in advance!


You have done and sent it to the PM test LiteOn iHAS124 F …
Now I’ve found you a job with Pioneer DVR-115 D firmware 1.13 … when updating unwilling to return to normalmode …


Thanks for this great tool!

Firmware downgrade seems to work, number changes.
For some reason i can’t get it to say Success tho.
I always get time out @ 91%.

You think it’s still ok?

C:\DVRTool_v1.02>DVRTool.exe -f g: S8600611.120

DVRTool v1.02

Firmware flashing utility for Pioneer DVR/BDR drives
by Blackened2687

build date: Jan  1 2016 / 17:04:11


Device: \\.\g:

Drive Information:

    Model Name : PIONEER BD-RW   BDR-209D
  Firmware Rev : 1.31
    Extra Info :  15/05/25  PIONEER

Additional Drive Information:

  Hardware Rev : SAT 8600
   Kernel Type : ID61
 Firmware Type : ID61
Kernel Version : 0000

Drive is in normal mode.


Do you want to upgrade firmware (y/n)?

Trying to enter kernel mode... Success.


Device: \\.\g:

Drive Information:

    Model Name : PIONEER BD-RW   BDR-209D
  Firmware Rev : 0000
    Extra Info :  00/00/00  PIONEER

Drive is in kernel mode.


Sending firmware to the drive...

0%          25%          50%          75%         100%

Now internal reflashing. Please wait...

Device hasn't become ready within a time limit.



[B]czary2mary[/B], [B]Luth[/B], thanks for the feedback! I will do more tests and try to figure out these issues.

[B]Luth[/B], don’t worry - if the version has changed to 1.31 and the drive works OK, then your drive is flashed properly. I think I should increase the time limit, but first I will do some more tests… How long 91% is hanging before the program reports about timeout?


It’s very fast process all together.
Flashing itself takes about 10 secs (just hit record of 96%).
Drive led indicator is on when flashing. After successfull flash i think the drive led should turn off immediately after flashing done. This what happent just now, which is good.

I also got few times when after the timeout message flashing stopped, the drive:s led kept still on, maybe for several minutes.
So i got the feeling it’s maybe not ok.

I will experiment also with this and see how the drive performs with different FWs.
What i just did, is i flashed 1.20 in, timeout, but seems ok. To be on safe side then run official 1.31 which will give success.

Few times

Very good tool. Thank you lots : )


[B]Luth[/B], thank you VERY MUCH for the video of the process - it will really help me to figure out the reason of such program behavior. Probably these drives return different sense data in response to “Test Unit Ready” command, than others.

I will not promise fast program update (due to my job - ~70 hours in 5 days), but I will fix this bug (and others) as soon, as possible.


Announcing the GUI version … the prime minister soon …
Screen version of the test.


The fully it has been running a graphical interface and a progress bar …:clap::iagree:





As requested by blackened2687: :bow:

Pioneer BDR-TD03 (firmware 1.30) [TDK-870LE external drive]


Hi, thanks for this great and wonderful tool. Is it possible to have via PM the BDR-209M and BDR-S09 passwords to try the kernel mode please ?


[B]Ibex[/B], thanks a lot for the drive info!

[B]TwinParadox[/B], passwords are unique and depend of the drive serial number and current firmware. If you need the password, send me the drive information report (but I don’t think that it will be useful on these drives).


Hi blackened2687,

here is my report file (I can’t send you PM due to my poor posts).

Thanks anyway. :smiley: