DVRTool 1.02 flash problem

I used DVRTool 1.02 to flash my DBR 206DBK because wrong firmware was accidently flashed to it and now computer says it is not an optical drive. Says it is USB ASMT 2115 USB Drive. I tried flashing it with firmware S1030611.106
What did I do wrong as now it is recognized as a USB storage drive and it will not eject etc.

Here is my screen shot of the drive before I flashed it.

Now computer is recognizing the optical drive as a USB storage drive. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to correct this?

Change kernel \ firmware
kernel S1030000.106
firmware S1030001.106

DVRTool command
DVRTool -ff X: S1030000.106 S1030001.106

X -liter of our drive in the system

Firmware \ kernel:

I tried but got this error "error opening file “S1030000.106” How do I get the kernel file?

Here is what I did: Run
CMD enter
Cd temp
Dvrtool -ff F: S1030000.106 S1030001.106

I think the tool checked CD temp file and no kernel file of S1030000.106 was there? How do I correct this
Where do I get the kernel file S1030000.106 and do I copy it in CD temp directory?


Found out what I was doing wrong but it still will not work.

Screen shot
C:>cd temp

C:\temp>DVRtool -ff F: S1030000.106 S1030001.106

DVRTool v1.02

Firmware flashing utility for Pioneer DVR/BDR drives
by Blackened2687

build date: Jan 1 2016 / 17:04:11

Device: \.\F:

Drive Information:

Model Name : ASMT    2115

Firmware Rev : 0
Extra Info :

Additional Drive Information:

Drive doesn’t appear to be an optical disc drive.

What is wrong?

There is a big problem, the drive memory may be damaged. The device is not recognized as a Pioneer drive.
Have you tried to connect the drive to the SATA controller? Is it also visible as an ASMT 2115 USB device?

What I am going to do which will be easier for me: I am going to install another DVD drive in the enclosure tomorrow and see if it will be recognized. If it is then the Pioneer drive is at fault. If it is not then the enclosure is at fault. I don’t believe it
Will be the enclosure as it is still under warranty.

I will post my results tomorrow because I gave the 2 DVD drives to my Son last Sunday night so I have to go get one of them back to check this out. If we can get the Pioneer 206D going I am going to give it to him because he does not have a
BD drive. If it is toast then I will just get him a BD drive and enclosure. I have got me a Pioneer XL drive coming so hope the enclosure is not fried. If so then I will have to order 2 enclosures. Keep fingers crossed.

Thanks for all of your help.

I swapped out the BDR 206D BD drive for a Optiarc DVD drive and the DVD drive was recognized and worked
just fine. By the way it was installed in the same enclosure that I took the BD 206D. This indicates that it is not
the enclosure that is bad but the BDR 206DBK that is messed up due to trying to correct the wrong installed

Does anyone have any idea what can be done with this drive other than to get rid of it? It is recognized as a
USB Storage drive instead of Optical Drive.


See my post above. When I installed the Optiarc it is recognized properly as Optiarc AD-7240S USB Device.
This shows that the Pioneer 206d is the problem not the enclosure since I removed the 206D and installed
the Optiarc DVD drive in the enclosure that the Pioneer 206 was in.

Try Pioneer to connect to the SATA controller and see how the drive is recognized.
Maybe the drive is in kernelmode mode or some diagnostic, factory which the housing can not detect.

If it is the same, unfortunately only factory-installed tools will let you program the drive.