Dvrflash problem with oem Pioneer dvr 106 (Memorex Dual X 1)



Am using the 1.07 firmware right now for the past several months that I got from the Firmware page for this unit for the OEM DVR 106D.
Unit works fine, but would like to flash to any version that helps with the ripping times, etc.

I did try to use DVRFlash 2.0 and followed the directions carefully on how to flash. I used these directions as a guide for the firmware specific to my unit:

Put the DVRFLASH.EXE and NIL’s firmware in one directory, such as My Documents. GO to Start—Run—and type “cmd”. Once in the command prompt, type “cd My Documents” After that, type “DVRFLASH.EXE F: R6100106.107” Notice the space between the F: and R6100106.107. Type “y” when prompeted, and your flash should go through just fine.

When I do this it identifies the drive, and but then States that there is a “firmware and drive mismatch”
and if I want to convert the drive, then I need to supply boht the kernel and General.

Sorry, as I know this has been asked before-I just don’t see where to get a kernel file or where this goes in the command line.

Thanks for your help.


Try Flashman’s

You must change the kernel along with the firmware if you want to convert from a Memorex to a standard Pioneer drive.


Worked perfect. Now shows up as a Pioneer dvr 106d.
Just ripped Finding Nemo as a test in 8 minutes.
Used to take forever to rip a movie for backup.
Thanks so much!


Whoever made this software may God bless!!! :bow: :bow: Thank you very much


There are a few:
Agent Smith
Flash aka Flashman
dhc014 (probably)