DVRFlash command line

I want to cross flash my Asus DRW-1608P2S into Pioneer DVR-110 and did a lot of research here.
I learned that buffalo’s 839 zip wpuld be a good option
The file contains:

Since i don’t know upgrade exe’s command line parameters i planned to use DVRflash 2.2.
I understand that the commandline needs to look like this:
dvrflash -vff “drive:” “kernal” “firmware”
I think de firmware file is one of the above, but what is the “kernel” file and where would i find that?

In spite of my search I couldn’t find the answer to my question so my apologies if turns out to be somewhere. But any advice is greatly appreciated.


Found the answers, sorry! couldn’t edit the massage

Never ever try this combination!
Even more not -ff if you don’t know what it does…

THX 4 the warning, but I already discovered that I coulddo it with just the exe. included in the patch.