DVRFlash 2.1 Released!

At last! The new 2.1.1 version of DVRFlash has been released by Agent Smith :wink:

The supported platforms are:
o Windows, ALL versions (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003)
-> win32/ directory
o Mac OS X
-> mac/ directory
-> dos/ directory
o Linux/x86 version (with a /dev/sg# device)
-> linux-x86/ directory

This tool will allow:

  • anybody with a Pioneer OEM drive to flash to a true Pioneer drive and back (provided you have the kernel for the OEM firmware)
  • to get rid of Pioneer’s UPGDVD annoying limitations, like anti downgrade. If you’re bugged by Pioneer’s UPGDVD!
  • to flash USB or FireWire drives

v2.1 - yet another re-sync release
New features:
o DVR-109 support (including MEDION!)
o DVR-K12D support (untested)
o Reports include RPC Mode Information

This version corrects a bug that prevented operation in Linux and adds support for the OEM variant of the ASUS 1608P (ASUS_NL) drive.

Download DVRFlash 2.1.1 HERE


:clap: Thank you, Agent Smith (and all those who helped ;))!


Just great. :wink:

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Revenge of the Crossflashers!

Good stuff!

Could someone pls help me with a problem that I encountered when running the dvrflash_v2.1.

dvrflash -vf e: r9100009.140 r9100109.140

drive information:
Description: pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109
Firmware Rev: 0000
Firmware Date: 25/02/2004

Addition drive info:
Interface type: ATA
DVR generation: 0009
Kernel Type: OEM_INT
Kernel version: 0003
Status: RPC-1 <region free>

Firmwares and Drive type mismatch

Continue because force option…Are you sure (Y/N)? Y

Sending the Kernel part …OK

Sending the Normal part…100%

Hold your breath for 30 secs

Could not send the Flash command (Sense: 04 4C 01)[/B]

How could I fix this???

Looks like you got the wrong firmware pack. Are you just upgrading to 1.57 ( or are you trying to flash to A09XL (

Crossflashing guide:,83.0.html


Thanks for your help teflonmyk.

The A09XL fw work for me.

You DA man!

DVRFlash 2.1.1 has been released. This version corrects a bug that prevented operation in Linux and adds support for the OEM variant of the ASUS 1608P (ASUS_NL) drive.

The link has not changed so links from other sites don’t break.


Thx LasVegas! 1st post updated.

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I am too stupid to get it to run.
I have the pioneer dvr109 (medion) with firmware 117. running Xp home.
Downloaded the 155 firmware.
In the promt I wrote: DVRFlash -vf F:R5100009.157 R5100109.157
but no flashing!
Please could someone put in a guide telling how to to use the DVRflash in Windows XP.
Step by step.
Sorry to be such a noobie

“but no flashing” is not enough to help you with.
“DVRFlash -vf F: R5100009.157 R5100109.157” could work if your DVR drive is on F: and all files & the flasher are in the same folder - you have to cd/changedir/navigate to that folder FIRST.
Note the SPACE after “F:”.

Ok… my very first post.

I bought this Sony Vaio Laptop from Office Depot.

This laptop has the Pioneer DVR-K14 drive.

Pioneer’s website says its Dual Layer capable for writing.

DVD Infor tool says it Dual Layer capable for READ ONLY not for writing.


Will the latest firmware release here make it Dual Layer write capable?


i am in the same boat as you are in. I would love to use this drive as a dual layer drive. I have read about tons of people with the drive and dual layer capabilities. It would suck if sony disabled this feature.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! OD sold a ton of theses systems, and I am sure most of us would love to get full functionality out of teh drive

the kernel and normal type appear as SONYDT

How can we find the pioneer kernel and firmware?

Only in offical updates from SONY. If there are none - forget it.
Could be that SONY has disabled DL writing with it’s OEM firmware…