DVRFlash 2.0 question for 108

I bought my Pioneer 108 from, im assuming that since it acctually says Pioneer on the drive then it is a “TRUE” Pioneer and not some rebadged one, correct?

I dont want to run DVRFlash 2.0 cause im afraid of causing any damage finding out if i get GENERAL or not. Unless someone here can assure me there is no risk in running it.

thank you. :rolleyes:

You have little chance of damaging the drive with DVRFlash. Just run DVRFlash in verbose mode without giving it any files to flash to see some helpful information about your drive’s kernel/normal type. The command would be “dvrflash -v X:” where X: is your drive’s letter.

whats verbose mode?
and when you say command line… do you mean start>run>[type the command line] ?

im a bit slow :-/
help me out bro.

Verbose mode (-v switch) simply means it tells you more when the program is run.

No, to run it open a command prompt window (accesories -> command prompt) to get to the command line interface.

Typing “cmd” into Start->Run works too, you need to open the command line console, then navigate to the folder with dvrflash, then you can run the appropriate command.

welp, thanks for the help… I ran dvrflash… and yes i have a TRUE Pioneer! wooohooo :iagree: