DVR212 CDr fix?

I’ve been battling with the Pioneer 212 not recognising blank CDr problem, including lots of correspondence with Pioneer and a new well tested unit under rma, all to no avail. Until today. I burnt a cd on the beast! All I did was use a 4 pin Molex to SATA power adapter instead of the direct from the psu connector. The difference is that the Molex adapter has no orange wire, which I believe is the 3.3v line.
Perhaps others with this problem can confirm if this really is a fix? I have disabled raid in bios as part of my attempt to get this thing working, and now will go back to the bios and re-enable raid and see what happens. I will report back!

MB Asus M2N sli deluxe Nvidia 570 chipset
Antec Neo H 380 psu
Nvidia 7300gs video
Ubuntu 7.04

I have enabled RAID in both the Nvidia and Jmicron SATA controllers, and all seems well. System will not boot if blank cd is left in the 212 drawer!

What do you expect from a BLANK cd during boot???


You see the sense in it? :smiley:

Drive is ok, so just be happy.

This is a brilliant find! I only burnt one cd and it seemed suspect. I’ll try this if the next cd is also below par.

This would not explain why the 112s do it as well,so I think that it was just Coincident that it worked.

No coincidence in my case. Full SATA power, no go, Molex to SATA adapter, it works. I am not suggesting that this is a general fix, only that it works for me. The new 212 supplied by Pioneer was tested as being perfect before I received it, and I have no reason to doubt the integrity of Pioneer Australia. If it works for others, great, if not, back to the drawing board.
I am expecting delivery of a 112 shortly, let’s see how it performs on my system.
See comments from Pioneer in these threads.

The 112 suffer the same fate and there is no sata power connector so it may be your Problem with your drive< BUT this is not a fix for others,how can you change from sata power conn. to molex on the 112 series, and they sufer from the same problem.

Just because the symptoms look the same, does not mean that they are the same. DVR-212 just has some compatibility issues that happens to look similar to what seems to be a common fault with DVR-112. We are looking into all these problems at the moment to see if we can come up with a solution.

Pretty much everybody who is having problems with 212 is using non-Intel motherboard chipsets and I think there’s some compatibility problems which can hopefully be fixed by new motherboard drivers or BIOS upgrades.

Sorry Brad, not entirely true. I returned a Pioneer DVR-212D (mfg date Dec 2006) becuase it did not write to CD-R’s… I tried this in an ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP (P965 Core2Duo - my primary rig) and an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe (nForce4/AMD X2, kids rig). I RMA’d it… I now how two DVR-212D’s (both mfg date March 2007)… One in each PC and they both work great (for now).

This is wishful thinking.

I think so too, the solveable issues were already discussed yet.

Has Pioneer or anyone from the forums assembled a list of controllers that do work and controllers that do not work for the 212D?

If there was a list it might save some people the headache of trying to debug problems that have already turned out to be a SATA controller incompatibility.

The list could be posted as a sticky and people could add info as time goes on.

Just a thought.

very good idea. Pioneer has an official list for supported MID’s so why not one for supported and compatible controllers?

Because there are too many, I think. :smiley:

Well this is an emergnig situation, at this point I don’t have enough proof, only a supposition from the customers I’ve been able to deal with. I’m here to try to find out what information I can. What I know so far is that from all the customers I’ve dealt with, here in Australia, there hasn’t been a single faulty 212 yet. And we sell a whole hell of a lot of them. For the most part customers having problems have all had Nvidia or VIA chipsets, so I’m trying to prove or disprove that theory at the moment.

Obviously faulty drives are a different kettle of fish then; so far locally I have not seen a SINGLE faulty 212, either here or in our service centre, and we’re talking after tens of thousands of sales. All the customers we have had in through our call centre and from forums like SpeedLabs, Whirlpool, Overclockers we have been able to sort the problems out and in most cases the drives have tested OK.
I don’t care if people are cynical or sarcastic about my comments here - but the fact is, I AM here, representing Pioneer and trying to find the ultimate solution to these problems - and ANYBODY with these problems is welcome to contact me either publically with a forum post or privately with a PM and I promise to help you with your problem.

Perhaps my comments were taken out of context… I have two working drives… Obviously I am happy with them now. I RMA’d one, it worked… I ordered another one. As of right now, I don’t have any problems and have always owned Pioneer equipment (currently have a home stereo that is getting long in the tooth but still works great and a car stereo with aac/mp3/wma playback… love it). I was stating that I had two working drives now, one on IHC8R/Intel P965 AHCI and one on AMD based nForce4 SLI SATA… I implied the “for now” because you indicated non-Intel chipsets might be a problem. Sorry I was not clear…

I am glad you are here to assist and though I am not a huge contributor to conversations here, I do poke my head in quite a bit. These are my first Pioneer burners (I had a SCSI slot load DVD-ROM some years ago – 303S???)…

A couple of thoughts… I know Pioneer is a big DVD-R advocate, but I would like to see bitsetting +R SL media come to your drives… DVD-RAM support would be great too… All we get in the U.S. is the DVR-212D that lacks DVD-RAM writing. Probably some legal/licensing issues… but that makes up my wish list. I had used Plextor drives for years and since they bowed out of the market, I decided to give Pioneer a shot because of the excellent reputation… I’ll admit the first 212D I had being a lemon and reading a lot of CD-R issues with the x12 series caused me to raise an eyebrow and ask myself if I would try Pioneer again… but two drives later I am pretty happy with it.

That’s good to know. Right now we are not seeing a higher than normal return rate on the 212. We don’t sell the 212D in Australia, with SATA we have DVD-RAM functionality. In the US you may have to look at the retail drive for DVD-RAM functionality. There are some options for +R bitsetting, without respecting your warranty…

I’m going out this afternoon to test 3 different Pioneer SATA drives on an Nforce chipset, hopefully that will give me some useful info.

Oh and Sithtracy, the comments about cynicism were not directed at you, but at other posters who suggested a coverup based on my comments.