DVR212 - better late than never!

As above. Had an NF4 chipset board earlier, and the 212 never worked well on it… in fact, only burnt coasters, even on good media.

Just changed to an Intel-platform system last month, Asus P5Q-E board, 4GB RAM, and a Q6600 CPU. Lo and behold… smooth beautiful SATA burner goodness! The 212 is working just fine now… wish nVidia could have implemented proper SATA burning support on their earlier chipsets!

Don’t know what your problems were, but I have no issues with using NF4 chipset on various SATA optical drives. Currently, both Pioneer 216 and Optiarc 7200S are on there, but have had Samsung and LiteOn drives there before and never had slow, bad burning on good media. So your claim of nVidia not providing proper SATA burning support may not be entirely false, but definitely not true.

Ok, some issues again. Help with the log?
Media is an MCC004 MII disc.

Log.txt (11.8 KB)