Dvr1910ls help bad 360 backups



anyone know about a pioneer dvr1910ls? it shows up in vista as dvr113np i guess it is a lite on clone? do i need to bitset this to dvdrom? i am getting bad 360 backup burns…

i am using a mostly sata vista rig have never used an ide drive before…

i was having same issues with last drive which in the past had been right as rain but i assumed last drive had crapped out and got this one…both drives still detects and 100% burns data and music cd’s are fine but as far as 360 backups nothing reads…360 is fine i have several other backups and oem discs which all work…any help is appreciated. Thx!

hmmm oddly i switch to an ide port on an extra sata card i use to flash 360’s and i just got a good burn go figure…


What software were you using?

What errors were you running into?

What are your system’s specifications?

What was your previous burner, and what media are you using [writing to]?

Just grabbing all this information in case someone with a similar setup runs into the same problem. :wink:


i am using redline backup creator normally but made 2 img burns coasters as well…

total of 10 coasters…

This is on a vista rig. Previous burner was a cheapo hp dual layer burner that for the most part seemed to work fine.

For both drives i would not get errors on my pc. Data and music would work fine. 360 backups began to say unplayable disc on the hp then i switched to the ide pioneer dvr 1910 ls (they sell it at bestbuy and i am a poor creditless chap lmao…) but had same exact results…i wish i could determine why but for the moment all seems well in the new port…will post more results…


Asus clone, no true pioneer drive.