DVR112d-not reading CDs

I have just just installed a new dvr112d in place of a Hitachi cdrw drive.I can get it to read and burn dvds.But it will not look at cds(music and data)It just buzz for a min then stops.I have check the Ide cable is right(80 wires)what next the firmware.?A BIG thanks if you can help Don

Try UDMA 4, I recall some problems reported in this forum and it seemed 80 wire cable+UDMA 4 were the solution by the time. If it doesn’t solve you can perform a search for it here, maybe you find something more to help you.

In the secondary IDE Channel properties
Device 0=poi mode <second hard drive
Device 1=ultra DMA mode 4 <-dvd

This looks right to me

Maybe you can use it at 0 and as master to see if it produces any effect (just a trial move. with no strong feeling).
Try with a different media that Pioneer indicates as supported and see if it recognizes a blank disc in the drive.
As CD uses a dif part you can’t exclude it is faulty and there is no prob with the DVD side.
Sorry for not being a more productive help.

Secondary slave?


set the bios to boot from the drive and put some bootable cd (the windows one will be a good choice) , if it wont boot from it then the drive is bad and youll have to replace it

i dont think it matters if its on the primary or secondary channel,and whether its slave or master that shouldnt affect its reading abilities

not to me , the hard drive defintly shouldnt be in pio mode,check dma settings in bios and make sure its set to auto,if it alredy is then uninstall the ide channel from device manager and restart , also for performance reasons its best to seperate hard drives & opticals


actually it does, with many many motherboards these days. :wink:

Thanks guys
Agomes,Chef -I will try moving it to the secondary IDE master Channel

Easterbunny-i did the delete,restart now the secord drive is now in udma5 mode.

tonite i will try the dvd in secondary IDE master Channel,and let you know how i get on.
thanks Don

Hey, I’m in the same boat (Pioneer DVR-112D, running as Secondary IDE Slave), and it won’t read recorded CDR’s or CDRW’s, it won’t record onto CDR’s or CDRW’s, and it has a really difficult time even reading my store bought music CD’s (DVD operation still seems to work fine). I will also switch it to Secondary IDE Master (only drive) and let you know how it goes.
BTW - the windows driver shows Secondary IDE Master is UDMA 6 (Maxtor HD), and Secondary IDE Slave is UDMA 4 (DVR-112D), so I am not having that problem.

In my case, however, when I first bought the drive (April 2007), it would read and write CDR’s and CDRW’s fine (in the Secondary IDE Slave position), so I’m starting to think the drive has gone bad.
I haven’t done any flashing or crossflashing (still using original 1.09 firmware), so I know that isn’t the problem.

I have looked at eveything.So, I just got of the phone to Pioneer-they said that it sounds like a poblem with the drive.So I have pulled it out and sending it back to the shop.Hopefully I dont have to wait to long before they can sort it out.I will let you know how I get on.Don

OK, I tried the DVR-112D as Secondary IDE Master (no slave), and it made no difference. I also tried the drive in another computer, and still no difference. So, it’s pretty certain that it’s a drive failure, and I’m gonna go the same route as TheKiwiDon and try to RMA the drive.

OK, got the replacement drive, and all works well (reads and writes CDs/CDRs/CDRWs). I guess only time will tell if the problem has really been fixed (my first drive also worked perfectly for the 1st month, then stopped reading/writing CDs). So, I’ll post again if the drive starts failing on me again.
So, the bottom line is, if your DVR-112D stops reading/writing CDs, your best course of action is to RMA (if still within the stores return period), or get warranty repair from Pioneer.

I just a drive back from the computer shop.I put it back in -And its doing the samething.I feel like getting my money back and going another brand.GGGRrrrrrrrr

Ok-I have taken out the 112d.And just installed a Lg gsa-h42n.So far its reading all the cds and dvds i have put in.The guys at the computer shop said it must be a hardware conflict.So its all good here.Thanks Don