DVR112 has stopped writing CD's

My Pioneer DVR112 (9 months old) has stopped writing CD’s but still writes DVD’s. Nero reports write error and stops. I have upgraded to the latest firmware, but that did not change anything.

Seems a bit strange. Before I return it under warranty I thought I would check if anyone can cast light on it

What is the manufacturing date?
Did you try it in SAFE MODE and another computer too?

Known problem for drives manufactured before April of 2007. There is nothing you can do and many, many others have suffered from this. Just RMA the drive and get it over with. Same happend to me.

Had to send one of mine back to Pioneer and they just sent me a new one instead of trying to fix it

Thanks everyone. I have been away for a bit, but have now checked manufacturing date - January 2007, so it all seems to add up.

Just for the record, Nero comes up with “write error, illegal disc”.

Yes, RMA that sucker before the warranty runs out!