DVR111D Burn Quality Optimization?




Just picked up the DVR111D a few days ago and in reviewing the scans from its burns in my plexy 716A, I see high occurences of pie/pif’s during the beginning of the burn and then they tail off to very low values/occurences.

Need help to get a consistent quality of low occurences/values.

1>DVR111D crossflashed to 8.29fw, on its own ide, in udma4 mode and setup as cable select, but it is at the end of the 80wire ide (master)
2>drive being burned from is on sata (off motherboard) and was defraged, same result
3>Used Nero, and ImgBurn, same result
4>uninstalled alcohol 120 in case it was causing conflicts, same result
5>burn set up at 8x with verbatim dvd-r mcc 03rg20 (imgburn reports average burn rate of 7.3x, max 8.1x).
6>checked eventvwr, had some aspi32 errors, properly installed aspi32, same result
7> the plexy is on another computer

I also included a scan by the dvr111 and it shows the same characteristics

I am at a loss of what to try next…

Any guidance/suggestions?



Looks like you got one of [B][I]those[/I][/B] batches of MCC media made by CMC, with the high PIE levels in the inner area of the disc. Frankly, I don’t think it will matter what burner you use, you’ll get similar results.


With such good PIF numbers, I wouldn’t worry about the PIEs when they’re no higher than your scan shows.


my suggestion would be keep on burning those media. maybe the drive needs to ‘learn’ a lil’. my burns doesn’t look quite nice aswell on the first few tries. as two degrees stated before, it could also be a bad batch of media.