DVR110D, Noise on analogic output

My DVR110D v1.37 when read a CD/DVD make many noise to the analogic output.
When it reads a data cd I can disable CD audio volume in the mixer but when it reads a CD-Audio it isn’t possible.
It is normal this bad quality in the audio output? Flashing to 110 firmware fix the problem? Thx

Never had such a problem, no idea how to fix this.

Is it connected through a cable with the soundcard?

Yes and the soundcard doesn’t have problem because work well with my old burner.
I try to crossflash with 110 firmware, I read in a review that 110 has a sort of speedcontrol when play CD Audio and DVD.

I’ve just flashed to the DVR110 v.137 and the problem isn’t fixed :frowning:
Any 110D user with the same problem?
To test just play a DVD or CDAudio with this mixer setting: CD audio volume to the max and Wave volume to zero

I found some things. There are 2 audio output one little white and the other black. The black have some noise (and it’s the output that I’ve always used) the white is very very noisy!

I’ve “fixed” by remove the audio cable and don’t using the analogic out.