Dvr110d @ Dvr110

Dovete ovviamente disporre di un masterizzatore Pioneer DVR-110D, con all’interno nessun supporto inserito, ed il sistema operativo Windows XP: scaricate il firmware 1.22 del DVR-A10XL, che comprende anche l’utility per aggiornare il firmware (DVRFlash 2.2 per Windows). Scompattate l’archivio in una directory del vostro hard disk che sia accessibile, cliccate poi su Start, Esegui e sulla riga di comando scrivete CMD e poi premete il tasto Invio.
Sulla finestra che vi apparirà , scrivete: dvrflash -ff D: RA143010.122 RA143110.122 (la lettera D è quella che ipoteticamente identifica il vostro masterizzatore e potrebbe essere diversa da sistema a sistema). Il software vi informerà del rischio che state correndo, premete Y per continuare e vi verrà chiesto se andare avanti o no con l’operazione di aggiornamento firmware. Confermate di nuovo con Y ed il software di aggiornamento farà il suo dovere. Al riavvio del PC, vi troverete con un “nuovo” masterizzatore Pioneer DVR-110!

I Think you’ll get more replys if you write in english.

I really would like to help you but i wish i could understand what you wrote…

I second that :slight_smile:

thrice that.

Maybe he post in the wrong forum. These are instructions to convert a Dvr110d into Dvr110 (don’t ask to me what is Dvr110d @ Dvr110)

This is what it says: (translation was from Italian to english)
…sorry for the translation errors…just comes along with it.

You must obviously decide of a masterizzatore Pioneer DVR-110D, with to the inside no inserted support, and the operating system Windows XP: unloaded firmware 1,22 of the DVR-A10XL, that it comprises also the utility in order to modernize firmware (DVRFlash 2,2 for Windows). Scompattate the archives in a directory of yours hard disk that he is accessible, cliccate then on Start, You execute and on the commando line you write CMD and then you press the key Shipment. On the window that will appear to you, you write: dvrflash - ff D: RA143010.122 RA143110.122 (the D letter is that one that hypothetical identifies your masterizzatore and could be various from system to system). The software will inform you of the risk that been running, you press Y in order to continue and it will come to you asked if to go ahead or with the modernization operation not to firmware. Confirmed of new with Y and the modernization software will make its it must. To the riavvio of the PC, you will find yourselves with “new” a masterizzatore Pioneer DVR-110!

I’m not responsible in any way for the following. I only post a translation of the original message, but remember: I don’t know in any way if these informations are accurate or not. So, please don’t blame to me if this procedure don’t function or cause any damage. I only do a translation. :flower:

This is a translation (not using babelfish or other, but using my poor english, certainly more accurate than babelfish or other similar softwares)

First of all you must have a burner Pioneer DVR-110D without any disc inserted, and Windows XP as OS. Download firmware 1.22 of model DVR-A10XL that include the utility to update the firmware (DVRFlash 2.2 for Windows). Unzip on a directory on hard disk, then click on Start --> Run and write CMD to open a command line console.

Type: dvrflash -ff D: RA143010.122 RA143110.122 (D: is the DVD drive letter; obviously this letter change from computer to computer). It appear a warning message; press Y to continue firmware update. Press another time Y and wait until program finish its work.

After reboot you’ll have a “new” burner Pioneer DVR-110!

I still have to do this to mine. I am currently still running the Buffalo version cause I want bitsetting. Next time I order DVD’s im going to throw in a 5X maxell RAM disc and flash my drive to see how it does. The Quiet drive utility would be cool to use as well however I would lost bitsetting and my YUDEN000T02 burn soo well on this drive.

I repeat that I made only a translation. I don’t guarantee in any way these informations. Do it at your risk :flower:

The message that the A10 firmware seams to work on 110D drives is about one week old.

Just successfully flashed my drive to the 110. Have a Maxell 5X DVD-RAM disc on the way to try out.

whats the difference between the DVR 110 and the DVR 110D…just curious

Main difference, is “D” only reads DVD-RAM, the “NON D” can play and write DVD-RAM.

I’ll be interested in the result you get with 5X Maxell. I’ve been using Panasonic 2~3X ( MatsushitaElectricIndustrialCO.,LTD.M01J3003) that will only write @ zCLV 2.0x 2770KBps.

hmm…something to think about after i get mine installed :slight_smile:

Exactly. Seems that someone hasn’t read the old threads?!?

I will surely keep you posted. The disc should be here tomorrow for some testing. Only thing I am unsure of is whether or not my XP SP2 will recognize the drive as a RAM drive or is there a driver I have to get installed to allow integration the ram drive into explorer?

If you were ever bored enough to watch XP (original not need sp1 or sp2) install you would see it tell you in onscreen msg that it supports DVD-RAM.

This was long ago, when all the dvd writers were DVD-RAM in caddy at approx £450 and £25 for non branded media and £35 for TDK media, LOL.

Approx Sep/Oct 2001 XP hit and it had the support.