DVR110D buffer level to zero

I’ve a DVR110D @ DVR110 1.39

I’ve just burned a TDK DVD-R 1-8x, Nero detects a maximum speed of 12x so I use that.
During the burning after some minutes the buffer level low down to zero and also the read/wite led of DVR110 stay off. After some second the burning continue and the buffer level return to normal value.
Nero didn’t report any error and burning seem successfull, DVD works fine, but there is some circle on the surface.
It is normal all that?

If the burn time was around 6 minutes then all is working well.

If not, then make sure you have an 80 conductor 40 pin IDE cable so that the drive can work in UDMA mode 4.

Slight color changes and rings are perfectly normal, and its due to the writing strategy used.

edit: Its also normal for the buffer to drop to near zero and pop back up again, this is also due to the writing strategy. If the buffer stays near zero then there is a problem.


Some of the encryptions will cause that also! One of the new releases did that to me last week!

It’s ok, WOPC kicking in :slight_smile:

could also be the drive changing speed, it will then typically stop for a short time, and then spin up to a higher speed (z-clv) try see if the drive burn at 8x and then stops, and continues at 12x. - its perfectlly normal.