DVR109:Reading rate abnormality



copies work perfect on dvd players and on liteon dvd rom drive using recordnow 4.5 but whenever i wanna copy the burnt disc with DVD Decrypter after the rate reaches 10x about 60 percent rate just slows to 1.5x. This is using the pioneer 109 (1.17) but with liteon dvd rom it is flawless rate anyone having this problem why is this should it be fixed with new firmware ?


Usually down to bad media.

Have you scanned the media??


well this could caused by the buffer-hips. as i remember right u re using ritek g05 so the discs should be fine.

try to burn the disc on lower speed (4x) and check out if you ve the same probs and post it here.

or just take the media, hold it up to any lamp/light and check if you have some odd darker rings on your media - this is caused by the buffer problems of the drive and would explain your problem.


This is not media, this is 109 new IDE interface. Many people experince the same, no matter what you set for UDMA, what cable you use, etc.
The problem is only related to DVDR discs, DVD-ROM reads up to 16X. Those discs that slow down or even fail to read in the 109, rip up to 16X in my NEC 3520…
This problem has several different threads in this forum under various names.
Personally I couldn’t find any reason why it behaves like this with one hardware configuration and why not with others. For example my config worked and works fine with 8-10 different types of burners, only this 109 drives me crazy.


every software works only trouble with nero but with others it can be read on the Liteon dvd rom. i think should be fixed with new firmware i hope so anyway because i like using nero just dont know why it drops speed with copying dvdr movie to iso with decrypter drops to 1.9x after like 60 percent of full 4.37gb dvd-r