DVR109:Reading rate abnormality

Hello guys. i am newbie here and also newbie user of dvd-recorder.
109 is my first one and have question to you guys.

Since my first 109 had some problem regarding to reading-rate after burnt media, It was exchanged to new one.

Each tested medias were same (remarked the speed@burnt speed, before:old, after:exchanged one)and test was performed at identically same conditions

pic no.1 is the tested one from the local pioneer technical service center before they sent to me.

no2 was the tested result using the old 109 and no3 is exchanged 109

no4 and 5 are tested using old and exhanged one

no6 and 7 are same as above.

again, the tested media were same one and burnt using an old 109 before exchanged.

Actually, this kind of problem became a critical issue in my local community
Strange thing is that this is not to all users, some of them showed very very good test result but some of them are not as like my results.

this problem is not for the specific media.

some ppl also complain that their burnt -R media using 109 were not recognized when they using plextor 716 or liteon combo drive.

another issue is that this 109 showing a negative reading performance when they used it using an external equipment, not like 108

what i’d like to ask u guys is that any one of you having similar problem like my case or any one of you can advice what is the possible reasons or solutions?

Any comments are welcome.:stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you in advance.

Ok, from your graphs is obvious the speed loss arise after 10x reading speed is reached… maybe you use some ex-centered discs that can lead to focus or tracking error; and some units are capable of balancing this, some are not. It may be an issue with the tilt control of the reading laser beam and if it is not find in other dvd-reading units at speeds above 10x (few can read so fast) may be a faulty unit. I don’t think Pioneer is fully responsible on this (but I tend to). Regarding external (usb?) equipment there may be a problem especially at high reading/writing rate. I found Plex 712 having difficulties on reading 5-12x CAV from an usb enclosure but flawless reads at 3-8x CAV - this may be the case here and can be related to the problem you mentioned above.