DVR108 problem

my dvr 108 worked fine until recently ,now whenever i put a dvd,cd ,any disc in, it just spits it out again :confused:i have a lite on combi on master and the 108 on slave,the lite on works fine,cant understand why the 108 keeps ejecting any disc i put in ,is it broken? or have i messed up somewhere? as im new to the burning world.

Try again with the PIO as MASTER and the only drive.

got the paperwork out ready to send it back,read on the troubleshooting guide "if drive ejects unexpectedly ,check if anything is stuck in it"got my penlight out to have a look ,guess what? :eek: small round piece of foam like you get in the spindles of cd`s :o fished it out works great now :rolleyes: what can i say ?bleedin kids :a thanks for your help,sorry for not checking the obvious