Dvr108 cmc ritek = crc all the time!

backing up my dvd’s with shrink, dvd decrypter and burning it with oem version of nero (supplied with my pioneer dvr 108 black) is no problem.

i burn at 8 speed.

burn process completely succesfull. done. ok.

but then when i got to back up again from the copy i get crc error!

i have made four coasters so far with ritek & cmc and will try princo next.

i use a hi speed external usb2 hardrive with a fast 7200rpm inside.

what is my problem? why do i keep getting crc errors on the copy because it sais burn process completely successfull?

is my pioneer dvd burner just plain crap?

Well, Ritek and Princo are considered junk by most people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a successful burn. Do you have the latest firmware for your drive? your current FW version may not support those discs!

Also when you burn with nero, does the disc pass the verification step? I’m not sure if the OEM version has that option (it should I think).

Also, even though you have the OEM version of nero you should still be able to load the latest version.

hi eric thanks for helpin out!

i have just burnt and ripped 5 copies with princo 100% A OK!!

CMC & RITEK is the only ones that have turned out to be total junk for me.

anyways i dont know how to verify the the disk with nero.
i do have version it does not take me through the verification step although i do remember doing this a few times “verify disc after burn” but it doesnt give me the option all the time.
i think the verify option only exists for data burn and other stuff but not ISO burn AFAIK!!??

the way i go around the verifying process is to do it the fool proof way.
after i burn i then try and back up from the disc that i have just burnt… and if i get no crc error then i know its a good burn.

also, i have upgraded (flashed) the drive of my pioneer dvr 108 and it all had seem to have done it fine.
i dont know how to check if i have done it right.

try updating to the latest nero 6 release or upgrade to version 7, Ritek usually work fine on the 108

CMC is poorly supported by your drive firmware. In general most CMC models don’t burn well in Pioneer drives before the 110 family, doesn’t mean it’s crap, just not compatible.

Ritek is another matter… the variations in quality are so huge that buying Ritek discs (even more so if unbranded :Z ) is like playing lottery.

i think the verify option only exists for data burn and other stuff but not ISO burn AFAIK!!??
They added it in Nero 7. But DVDDecrypter (and IMGburn) have the verification feature. Don’t rely too much on it, though, it doesn’t prove you burns are reliable.

The simplest way to test if your burns are OK is to perform a “tranfer rate test” with CDSpeed. The reading curve should show no significant slowdown (with my personl standards, no slowdown at all, I accept only perfect reading curves).

This way you’ll know if you can trust these Princo discs for you data. I wouldn’t.

Hi Franksoy…

burn after burn PRINCO has turned out to be a GEM for me, no problems what so ever!!!

maybe there are good PRINCO’s just as there are bad RITEK’s & CMC’s???

you say that you woudnt trust PRINCO but in my case it turned out to be way better than RITEK & CMC which gave multiple bad burns im a row.

BTW i live in melbourne australia, maybe the batch we get here is way different than what you get there?

thanks PumaUK… Ritek use to be very good it was all i got and had no issues till recent times. i will be upgrading to nero7 soon thanks.

i’ve just upgraded to nero7 and now its burning with ritek (the most troublesome) no problem!!!

could it be that the previous nero version might have caused incompatabilties with media discs?

im hopefull its going to work with cmc, will report back!

Your former Nero version was obsolete, so updating to as recommended had also helped.
Nero 7 is just not yet bug-free (it never will be - we know, hehe).

Burning a media sucessfully doesn’t mean much, scanning them afterwards for quality is the better choice to judge about the burning quality and media…

Not likely. The media compatibility has to do with the drive firmware exclusively, in theory. So I bet it’s media variation.

I’d strongly suggest you read the media FAQ (link in my sig) and perform at least tranfer rate tests with your discs (quality scans are not very useful with Pioneer drives). :slight_smile:

now i know horse manure is more worthy than cmc! burn after burn all corrupt!
it doesnt even burn 1/10th of the way!!!

so far PRINCO has been good but it was mentioned earlier to not trust so im feeling unsure what to do…

thanks chef :slight_smile: too late now, but fingers crossed x_x

Francksoy, thanks im going to try that ASAP i’ve burnt a lot of money already and need to put a stop to this coaster business immediatly.

thanks again & take care guys :wink:

Exactly the point, checking your burns with TRTs (and quality scans if your drive would support it, which is not really the case here) with some discs of each media you use (and each new batch of these) is the only way to stop loosing time and money unless you burn exclusively Taiyo Yuden discs… or unless you are extraordinary lucky. :wink:

Not saying that the success rate with TY is 100%, just that their discs, if not necessarily “the best” in my opinion, are the ones with the best consistency between batches and sources, which is a great relief for people not wanting to spend too much time with testing. :slight_smile: