DVR108 burn only at 2x with RiDisc 8x?

Hi. I’m new here, it seems that there are MANY burning speed issues with this DVR 108 !?? I’ll try to make it quick, I just installed it, it works fine, but when I burn a DVD using NERO, the available speed goes from 4x to 12x, I selected 8x and the burn process took 40 minutes !!!

Here’s a quick detail of the configuration :

  • DELL 4600 P4 2.6 Ghz 512Mb ram
  • DVD burner DVR 108 BK firmware 1.14
  • NERO
  • Harddrive benchmark read 47000 Kb/s (which is enough for 16x as well)
  • DVD 25 pack RiDisc 8x barcode 5 060043 493677
  • DVD burner set on secondary IDE map as SLAVE, jumper on cable/select
  • DVD reader / CDRW writer on 2nd IDE map as Master jumper on C/S too
  • On system device manager, 2nd IDE channel properties, I’ve set slave propeties to “DMA if available” but after ok, it stays to “PIO Mode”.

What can I do ??? Is it because of the configuration or because of the discs ??

Jumper on CABLE SELECT is a very bad idea!

I found out that the DMA was not activated for the Device 1 of secondary IDE controller. I couldn’t activate it thru Windows interface, I had to do it from my bios setup, now the DMA is activated.

I’ve run a simulation and it now looks very fast compared to the same simulation before, so I presume the case is closed :wink:

One last question : is the DVD that was burned at 2x in PIO Mode is usable or should I get rid of it and burn a new one ?? (it seems there was no buffer underrun errors, it just took 40 minutes to burn)

The disc burned @ 2x should be fine. Test it with nero speed test.
Dell use cable select so it will be fine.