DVR105 will not read CD



Just noticed today that my DVR105 will not read any CDs I feed in the tray. The DVD portion works just fine. I know this is a popular burner so maybe someone else has encountered a similar experience…so is this a common occurance and is there a fix for this.


BTW, its a Cendyne…so I’m not expecting warranty to cover…assuming it needs repairing.



any cd ??? meaning ??? also what model is your burner

first thing I would do was to upgrade firmware and then go from there …

if it can read game cd’s and install stuff fine then that is good …

if your having reading blank discs or using them …what copy programs you have on there …blindwrite ? or did you use to have it ? alcohol ? clone cd ?

what burning software …is that having the trouble ? have you tried different one ?

but those are just some things


The drive is a Cendyne DVR-105…aka pioneer.

Anyways, I’ve had this drive for almost 6 months, everything was working fine…now when I put in any CDrom (CDrom/CD-r/Blank media) the drive will attempt to read it and eventually comes back with device not ready or please insert media.

Explorer will not show anything, and when using NERO to extract media info I get no response.

I just transplanted the drive to my WIN98 machine, and now it can’t read anything (cdrom and dvd)…it just says device not ready.


hey well I would first off flash the firmware for you drive …cause that is the information on the drive … holds info like type of discs …how big …how far it can burn …and also can the burner use this type of disk

so I would do that and then test it …