Dvr104 sluggish playback problem

Please help! I have a DVR-104, adobe premiere 6.0, windows xp pro, sonic mydvd 3.5.1. I have used this a lot. For an unkown reason, the dvd’s that I am burning have sluggish video playback and the audio is not quite synched.

My theory is, it is in Sonic or the dvd burner. I burned a sonic generated dvd that I had burned previously (without problems) and now it has the same issue as my latest project. So I am thinking it is not in premeire or the .avi that premiere produces for the dvd burn.

The only other thing I can remotely think it might be is the firmware. I am using Memorex 4x DVD - R’s. I bought these in December and I believe it had a note with it to update the firmware. Since december I have had to format my c drive and start over. Is this a possiblity?

Please help

One post is enough. I’ll close this thread but leave this one open.