DVR-UEH12W = GSA-4120B or GSA-5120D?



I recently bought an IO-data external dvd writer. The code given for it is:

I connected it to my computer using the IEEE port. It gives good speed reading, but I’ve encountered a few problems - it hangs when reading CDs occasionally and freezes the machine so I have to restart, and when I tried burning a DVD today it froze during the first 1%.
I’ve been looking for firmware to update the drive in the hope that that will help, but I can’t figure out which firmware to use. The IO-data site says it is a Hitachi GSA-4120B drive (but offer no firmware). The LG site offers firmware, but seems to stress for internal drives only and I’ve read elsewhere that the LG version of the 4120B external drive is called GSA-5120D - but this doesn’t match the code that shows up on my computer. I don’t want to screw the drive up installing the wrong firmware. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m running XP on an IBM Aptiva.



The LG version of the 4120B external drive is the GSA-5120D.

On the LG support-site (for example: is the FW download for GSA-5120D too. Start the Update. The program shows the drive that can be updated.


Thanks for your reply, I went to the English version of the site ( and it says:

The drives must be original LG branded drives with the External DVD Writer model number GSA-5120D (no OEM units).
If you have an OEM unit, branded with another manufacturers name, please contact that manufacturer for support and firmware updates.

Do they just say that to protect themselves? Is it safe to install the firmware anyway?

I’m a bit nervous about destroying the drive so I’ll try contacting IO-Data first. Thanks again.



I am curious to hear the response they give and also to hear from you if it works okay. I have bought an internal GSA-4120B but will use it externally with a SWEEX 5.25 enclosure.

From other readers on this forum I understand it is no good to flash with the 4120 firmware for an external drive. So I also considered to update with the 5120.