I have a dish network with a dvr. I can of course take the output of the dvr and connect it to my capture device and burn a DVD. The quality is about as good as VHS tape. I was wondering if it was possible to somehow get full dvd quality. Is this a dumb question? Thanks.

There are no dumb questions so long as if you get an answer, you don’t ask it again…:slight_smile:

Your dvr should have some basic settings for quality. Similar to the old vcr standard od ep/sp…the higher the quality the video, the less recording time on the dvr’s hdd.

Even at max, it’s won’t be “dvd” quality, but appreciably better than vhs…:slight_smile:

Zigzag thanks for the reply. If I understand correctly the output of the DVR is analog (made to go to a VTR) I know the recording is digital on the hard drive of the DVR. I was trying to see if you could capture this digital signal directly from the hard drive befor it is converted to analog. Am I even close to understanding what’s happining. Thanks, keep your papers dry.

It really depends on your dvr. You said you have “dish network” wich leads me to believe you got one of the “free” Tivo dvr’s they were boasting. If this is so, then I think your going to be stuck with analog output. On the other hand, Panasonic makes a dvr / dvd-r dvd-ram combo that records to it’s 60gig hdd and can compile directly from the hdd to the dvd.

Either way, your talking about capturing broadcast tv…at the highest recording level, (ie…takes up the most hdd per minute of recording time) it will still be less than professional dvd quality…but significantly better than VHS quality. Then you pipe that through your capture box, and burn.

Guess what I’m saying is your end product will only be as good as it’s source, broadcast tv is not sending dvd quality to your box…yet. it’s coming, but a few years away…:slight_smile:

Thanks again you have answered my question, it’s about like I thought. Just trying to get the best I can. Thanks.

Anytime Hoss…My dad bought the panasonic dvr about a year ago…we are still tinkering with that. I have a friend that got 2 buddies to sign up dish network when they were offering the Tivo…with full intent on cancelling after trial, just to rip the 60 gig hdd out of the box. :slight_smile:

we’ve played a lil in this field…:slight_smile: