DVR Satellite receiver and 5.1 broadcasts

Is there a way to burn these from a satellite dvr receiver to a dvd+r with the 5.1 audio track in tack? It would be easy if my panasonic dmr-e500 dvd recorder had a input jack for 5.1 but all it has is out in digital. My audio receiver has that capability I believe that doesn’t do me any good.

Don’t think so. Take a look at this link:

I wonder, since my dvd recorder has a firewire hookup as well as a sd card hookup, I might be able to interface it that way? I don’t know, I’ll have to look into it some more I guess. Thanks for your input.

If you have a PC with a soundcard that has a optical digital input, the stream could be accessed that way, capturing the audio and video to PC simultaneously. That’s a lot of work for a little extra fidelity, and the over-all results might be less than optimal.

Don’t know about your dvd recorder, but the firewire hookup on mine is for connecting a minidv device.