DVR recommendation for PAL

I am looking for a DVR device with the following capabilities:

  • Record live TV (to hard disk)
  • support PAL TV system
  • Need to be able to pause, rewind and FF live tv (tivo like)
  • capable of copying data from hard disk to DVD
  • (optional) should have 220V AC support

The Pioneer DVR-520H does all that, however to be able to do point 3, you have to be recording the live TV to the hard disk.

Be aware that the Pioneer only accepts DVD - media when transfering from the hard drive to DVD.

I have one of these units and quite like it.

Ok. I am convinced. I want to know if there are any other competing products. So, I can get a comparison of the feature set. Of course, the most important of these has to be PAL support and should be usable outside US (which rules out tivo series 2 devices).


Most major manufacturers have similar sorts of products, albiet with slightly different feature sets, all of which should support PAL, as they are generally world released products.

Have a look at Panasonic, LG, Sony etc sites for your country (I’m in Aust btw), and you should be able to find specs and feature sets for the product offerings.

I recommend the Pioneer, however I’m biased as I recently purchased one. :slight_smile:

well i did look at the specs for the machine. Well, I have some media files on my PC. Is it possible to tranfer the vidfeo and record it on the dvd recorder with this box?


Honestly I have no idea, as I have never tried.

I Imagine it would be possible by connecting the TV/Video out of your TV card to one of the video inputs of the machine. The machine will take composite or SVHS inputs and you would need to take the audio across as well.

However if you mean dumping an AVI file onto a CD/DVD and putting it into the machine, you are out of luck.

I came across the lite on lvw_5045 which seems to be a better deal at almost the same price point. I think I will probably go with this choice.


I got a LVW-5045, and am very pleased with it so far…

Hope it works out for you. :slight_smile:

(I don’t think they are available in Australia, at least I have never seen them here)

my dad in India has a similar requirement… or rather i want to buy him one.
But I would also want the capability to remove macrovision removed.
which of the ones suggested so far work in PAL without macrovision ?

None of the devices mentioned will remove macrovision as far as I’m aware, macrovision is included to prevent copying of copyrighted material, as such commercial offerings will support the recording of macrovisioned material.

However that being said if you search the web you will find circuitry for video pass through boxes that will remove macrovision, these are simply connected between the video source and recorder.

The Liteon LVW-5045 has a Macrovision hack for it.

See Liteon user forums.

I am also planing to take this device to India. I 've seen the region hack in the lvw 5045 forum. However, I did not see a macrovision hack on the forum. Can someone enlighten me?

I guess the only major missing feature in this device is integration with PC, so, it can record multimedia files on my PC to a DVD.


Wasn’t aware of that, thanks for the info.

P.S. For other readers of this thread this is great if you are using the device as a source, as the device will then ignore the instructions to insert macrovision signals into the video output stream.

However if you plan on copying VHS tapes etc which are macrovision protected to the device, it won’t make any difference, as the video source device will insert the macrovision signals onto the video output going the the dvr (in this case the liteon), which screws up the video AGC circuitry in the target device resulting in an unwatchable picture.

In this case (source to liteon) you will still a video pass through box (video stabiliser), or the source device will have to be modified to disable the macrovision circuitry in it.