Dvr purchase

I am new to dvr. I mostly want a unit to record tv shows to hard disk and play cds. Need basic stuff. Does anyone have recomendations? Do I need a unit with a tuner? I will be hooking up to basic cable service.

Unless I’m mistaken there is only one DVD Recorder available in the US which has a HDD. I thinks it’s a Magnavox, but I don’t recall for sure. It’s available at Wal-Mart. If you want the functionality of a true DVR (ie: Tivo), your best option would be to get a unit from your Cable provider. If you are only using SD video, then you can still use a standard Tivo unit. Either way, you will also need a seperate DVD Recorder. Although with a Tivo, you can transfer video to your PC and then edit/burn from your PC.