Dvr pioneer sata model recommendation

I am looking to buy a pioneer dvr model with sata connection.
Currently i have a dvr115d i am really satisfied ut its ide thats why i wanted to buy a sata dvd writer.
Anyone know which dvr is the best ? I need to burn good quality backup dvds with low pif erros.

Thank you

Pioneer stopped making DVR-drives some years ago and the last one (DVR-217) was a bad drive for many media.

Currently I recommend for good writing quality:

Pioneer BDR-209 (BD-writer, more expensive than DVD-writer)
LG GH24NSxx (good writing-quality, but I have bad experience with the longevity)

I tested a dvr 216 but no good burnings with high pif.
I also bought a new lg gh24nsd1 but i am not satisfied its not like my pioneer. The tray is not closing smoothly and doesn’t burn always good.
From the old dvr pioneer which is in your opinion the top ??

My DVR-215 is a good drive, but I don´t how good good the condition are with old used drives. I never had an 216, but 217 is only good with some DVD+R

I don´t know which media you are using but the LG-drives are very good with many media. For a price of 11€ you can´t get more :wink: . Did you test the quality of the LG-burned media?

Pioneer DVR-S21WBK and Asus DRW-24D5MT are also rebadged LGs

Thanks for the answers and sorry for the delay.
I bought the pioneer db209 and i believe it burns good.
I use verbatim dvd minus and verbatim dual layer always but i don’t get always good burnings.
I have tested the lg is really good burner as you said.
Next time i will post some nero speed test to tell me your opinion.

Which drive you use for scan PI/PIF?

Liteon ihas124 and nero speed

That should work :slight_smile:

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Take a look here .
Its the same img file burned with imgburn and bothe verbatim dvd minus the one with lg gh24nsd1 and the other one pioneer bdr209

The PIF-cluster in the LG-scan can also be a media-problem, maybe next time it looks different

I believe you are right maybe thats why i don’t get always good results.
I always use verbatim dl and verbatim MCC 03RG20.
Do you know any better media to use?

Depends on the burner and the vary of the batches. But overall your burns are still good and better than my MCC-burns in the last 2 years. You don´t have to be worry

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Yes, there is better media. Are you willing to purchase new old stock from sellers on eBay?

If not, then I agree with Tester that as long as you burn your current discs with the Pioneer BDR-209, and make sure to scan every disc that has important data, you will be fine with the discs you have.

I recommend you avoid using DVD+R DL media for important burns, unless it’s MKM, Made in Singapore.

I would also recommend to use the verify-function which most burn-software include

I thought I had a Pioneer dvr115d, but it appears i have the dvr119l. Funny enough i cant see the C1 errors etc on my drive

Thanks for the reply.
I cannot find anymore mkm made in singapore only made in emirates united.

I always use verify but i have a problem with my bd209 when the burning process stops and starts verify it stucks, i use imgburn last version.

I also scanned my dvds and despite the low pif low pie and good jitter when i disc scan with nero speed i had some pof and some files habe 0 quality.
I believe the vetbatim is not as good as it used to be.
Is any way eliminate these pof failures???

POF with Benq-drives?

Does this happen with other burning software?

Post pictures of these scans please.

no only happens with imgburn and dual layer discs.
i didn’t kept these scans.
I mostly backup navigations dvd and what i don’t understand is despite the excellent burning qualities sometimes the car has reading problems.

Burned media have other reflection than pressed media, maybe the car have a sensitive reader.

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