DVR On-Screen Features to DVD

I have had a DVR and recently purchased a VCR/DVD recorder. Since the DVR and DVD are both digital, I thought that when I copy a pre-recorded program from the DVR harddrive on to a DVD that the features displayable on-screen from the DVR (such as the program titles, program descriptions, and playlist) should automatically be available to view from the DVD. Another thing I expected was high-speed DVD recording, being able to select a sequence of several pre-recorded programs from the DVR harddrive to record on the DVD, and being able to set the DVD to automatically stop recording after a program so that I could resume recording at a later time. (It’s hard to find the time to baby-sit the DVD recording, and to have to manually re-type the titles and descriptions electronically on to the DVD, when the titles and descriptions already appear on the DVR, doesn’t seem to be taking full advantage of digital media. Or am I wrong?) Are these features available on any DVD recorders now? Are they at least on the horizon?

Most of them are possible to find, to get them together it is a dif story.
I also got some surprises about a home recorder, just went after the marketing to realise that some features were only available with certain kind of discs and I couldn’t transfer them to a DVD-(+)R, or for instance to divide files in the HDD bfore burning them to DVD (but other recorders would be able to do that).
So you have to look around…and to be patient, before you make a buying decision.
(but keep in mind that you may have to drop one or another requirement, if you go for a certain name/model)


HOW should an OSD come onto a DVD…



Chef–would you please elaborate? Remember, I’m just a newbie!

Agomes, you say “Most of them [features] are possible to find.” This could take a lot of time. Are there any DVD recorders you know of that may fulfill my first request-- copy the features displayable on-screen from the DVR (such as the program titles, program descriptions, and playlist) on to the DVD?

Don’t believe that.
What you see on screen is there because the recorder has the software to read from the files and to show the information it can get within it’s menus.
This is not recorded anywhere, so you can not transfer to a DVD.

You can only record files to a DVD and if your playing software can read the information in such files it can show it to you, using its display functionalities.

As chef referred…tranferring OSD to a DVD would be a hit, and I’m convinced it could grant you a profitable patent…if nobody else would come to claim that you were abusing a “sleeping” one, but this may have a very low probability.

In my previous post I said “most of them” and I must apologize if it confused some people, but in my mind I was including only the feasible ones.

The OSD I mean is in the player/receiver embedded, it cannot just be transferred onto a dvd.
Such things as menu generating etc. would have to be in the recoder software to be useful on a dvd then…

Or maybe Ive understood something wrong in your post?!?

I may not have made myself clear. So, at the risk of trying everyone’s patience, I will re-word my post, more carefully.

This applies to the only DVR I have experience with, the Dish 501 (although I’m sure other DVRs work in a similar way).

After I record a tv program, I can play it back.

I press the DVR button.

A menu appears showing the list of recorded events, the duration of each, and the date of each.

I scroll and select an event.

A monolog panel appears with additional information on the selected event (example):

  1. The O’Reilly Factor
  2. date: Mon 7/31
  3. start time: 10:00 pm
  4. end time: 11:00 pm
  5. channel: FNC, 9718
  6. critique:
  7. rating:
  8. News/Business
  9. duration: 00:09.

(Then, upon pressing Select again, I play back the program.)

The information in the list of recorded events and monolog panel must have been recorded on the harddrive, or how could it be played back?

It seams at least that the same manufacturer who made the DVR could come up with a DVR/DVD recorder combination and the software that would allow the user to transfer the list of recorded events, the selectivity function of the list of recorded events, and the appearance of the “additional information” to a DVD.

The next step would be a printer connection/printer combination that would allow the information to be printed on the disc.

I am very much interested in further comments!



Sorry but the answer I gave before was considering you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) but your Dish 501 seems to be a PVR and this is quite different.
I don’t know what kind of outputs you have or if they are just analoge.
However, in this type of devices you output as when you play - so, within the output facilities you have got, you do not transfer the files but record the play in a device external do your PVR (being it a PC or a home recorder).
Even without knowing about copyright technical restrictions, I fear you get no further information but the image and sound.

Agomes–So that is what a PVR can do–explained very clearly. I was unfamiliar with this type device.
Correction: the full name of the device I have is [B]DishDVR 501 [/B] (I had omitted “DVR”). Sorry!
The outputs are:
Two sets of yellow, white and red
Tv set (coaxial)
S video
Dolby digital
Expansion port.

As far as I can see (I don’t know exactly what Telco stands for, but guess is some kind of phone or network jack) you only get analog outputs ( s-video and component video, the one with Y-W-R connectors (or is this one just one for video and the other 2 for audio - right and left? - in this case just a poor av jack)) and thats the reason why I said before you record as you play.
Expansion port uses to be some kind of promise for future use and I don’t know if there is something enable through it at mom, but if so you will probably find it in the documentation or at the manufacturers site.
I recall seeing refs to a hack to take info for the HDD under Linux, but that was not on legal grounds and there were warnings about consequences if you open the box and I assume this is not the way you’re looking for.