DVR Multiplexer file conversion



I’m trying to convert video from a DVR multiplex recorder (.60d file) to a MPG.

My employer’s security system includes a Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder with feeds from 16 different cameras. The company that installed the system installed a freeware program called Wavereader which you use to view either live images or recorded images from the cameras. Information on the program can be found here:

The Wavereader program appears to come from GE Industrial, but I can’t find anyone who supports the software other than the basic functions. I can save a portion of the video feed to disk as a .60d file, but you then have to go through a cumbersome process to create a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with executable files to play the video.

I’d like to find a way to take just one of the camera feeds and create an MPG or other video file which another user, e.g., police department, could simply play with Windows Media Player or similar widely available viewer.

I realize this might be a cumbersome process, but if anyone has ever done this and can point me to a tutorial, I don’t mind researching it myself, but I can’t even find a starting place.





You may also want to try the people over at

Their whole website is dedicated to video everything. They may be more qualified to answer an advanced question like yours.