Dvr-ms video conversion - Audio/Video Sync issues

I have been using Windows Media Center to record my favorite programs, and want to store them on my harddrive. However, the format Windows uses is DVR-MS and is recorded at extremely high bitrates. I want to convert them to Divx or Xvid .avi’s to save space.

My problem is that with the many converter applications I have used, the output video’s audio and video is completely out of sync. I am not totally new to the video encoding process, but no matter how much I tweak the conversion settings, I always have this problem. My computer is more than capable of handling such conversions. Any help would be much apreciated.

CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 3.GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8600GT Graphics card
500GB Harddrive
Windows Vista Home Premium

A list of the Video Conversion Apps I have already tried.

  1. DVR-MSToolbox
  2. AVS Video Converter
  3. ImToo Video Conveter
  4. DVR-MS to Divx
  5. Dr. Divx 2.0

I have also tried converting to Mpeg-2 first and using Divx’s own converter to convert to Divx format. But the output Mpeg video is also out of sync.

I have used both TMPGENC and Videoredo and have not exerienced any sync issues.

I downloaded VideoRedo last night, and it worked perfectly, the output .mpg video was a little choppy, but the audio sync’d perfectly and I was able to use Divx’s converter to encode it to a smaller format. It was also very useful in removing commercials and trimming the recording to what I wanted. Thank you very much.

My problem is similar to Masona48’s. However, I just want to split a large file that is too large to fit onto one DVD into smaller files that will fit on a DVD. Has anyone located any simple shareware that does this?

What kind of “large file”?

TMPGEnc and virtualDub working nicely.

The Windows DVD Maker limit is 150 min. That translates to a 5-6 G dvr-ms file depending on project settings. I’d like to split a 300 min recording so I could put it on two DVD’s, a 450 min. recording so I could put it on three DVD’s, etc.

Since there is no audio/video sync issue when using Windows DVD Maker with dvr-ms files, I’d like to just split and burn.

I haven’t tried it, but there is a dvr-ms tool for this called DVR-Edit:

May not work on 64bit systems.

VideoReDo Plus and VideoReDo TV Suite can do this for you also, though they are not free programs. There are free, fully functional trials available to test them.

It works great under Vista.
It’s such a SIMPLE solution.