Dvr-ms For Dvd Players?



Hello, I got a TV capture in DVR-MS format and I wanted know how can I make it playable for my DVD machine…I don’t want lose quality at all, so divx and dvd-shrink aren’t the options I am looking for… Do you know some method/software can do this???.



Changing only the container format (extracting the original MPEG-2 data without any visual loss) is possible via VLC media player’s transcoding wizard.


Thank you!
Do you have some guide how to do it?? because only seems to work under Linux this option of transcoding


You can also use dvrmstoolbox to convert to mpeg2 without loss. Once in mpeg2 form, you’ll have to author to dvd to make it playable on a stand alone dvd player. This assumes you have captured the original video in dvd compatible resolution and frame rate.


I found a nice piece of sotware (and free!) DVR-MSTOMPEG. Hopefully is usefull for someone else had the problem of convert this type of file to DVD.