DVR-MS File conversion for dvd players

Hey all (newbie to forum so figuredhere would be a good place to post)

I have media center on the new HP 7330n
It saves all my movies in dvr-ms format. @ best quality i cant get a decent size for the movie aliens i just downloaded. i shaved a few gb’s off of it by taking off the commercials using dvredit

However, it wasnt enough… it still says its too big if i try and burn it inside Windows Media Center. The file itself is 6.56 GB… Been tyring for 7 days on this so far :sad:

I was told by a college @ work that there are ways to convert dvr-ms to dvix format or another format that will be readable in your average home dvd player. Any feedback would be AWSOME. thanks! :cool:

– Taz

You could convert to divx, but you would need to make sure that your standalone dvd players can handle divx. Or, you can use one of the programs like dvdshrink to compress it. Compression can affect quality. You will have to try and see. If it does affect quality, then split the movie into two seperate dvd’s, or write it to a dual layer dvd. There are tons of options.

ive tried to use dvdshrink i must be using it improperly. how do i use it to open a file like dvr-ms ???