I’m planning to change the QSI SBW-241 CD-RW/DVD combo drive in my laptop (Compaq Presario 2100) with a new DVD burner. I’ve read good reviews about Pioneer DVR-Kx6 burners, but I have a bunch of questions.
Is there any compatibility issue (say, the interface) that I need to know before buying the drive?
What’s the difference between the Kx6 and Kx5 models? Which one is newer?

Kx6 i newer of course.

thanks :slight_smile: that’s what i thought, but sometimes the numbering scheme these companies use to label their products is so weird…
so, the first question still remains: is there any compatibility issues that i need to know before buying the drive, e.g. the interface, slave/master, etc.?

Important is: the firmwares used are connection specific. So it must have the correct firmware to function properly regarding the connection (master/slave/CS/CSEL).

my current combo drive is set to Master on the 2nd IDE channel. so i think that the DVD burner that i’m going to buy also has to be set just like that. now, how can i be sure that what i buy is going to have the correct firmware? is there any way to determine that before actually buying/trying/failing?!

Maybe by asking the seller, if she/he knows what is important. :wink:

thanks :slight_smile: the seller is, so i don’t think i can ask him/her :wink:
i guess i don’t have any other choice other than just trusting my luck…

btw, how does this drive compare with NEC AD-5540A?

Most of the drive you can buy are CSEL (Cable Select), with a minority using -CSEL (Inverse Cable Select) typically your Apple, Toshiba, Panasonic, do everything different crowd. We suspect HP/Compaq would use the former. Almost no one uses drives hard set to master or slave.

Brother Vlad

great great…thanks a lot Brother Vlad :slight_smile:

so only one thing remains: Pioneer DVR-Kx6 or NEC AD-5540A? although i’m more inclined to buy the slot-loading DVR-K06 since it looks cooler :wink:
j/k, actually i want something more durable (much more durable than my QSI SBW-241)…


What did you end up getting? I am interested in the pioneer k06 myself (for a Toshiba with a region locked matSHITa drive)… The pioneers are becoming quite rare… which did you get and did it work for you? any f/w probs?