I’ve searched a couple of pages and I’m looking for a better informed answer, I have a toshiba satellite pro 6100, it uses m/s settings not csel for the slim drive. Would I be able to make a k16 work in my laptop. I already managed to mod a toshiba 6472 which was csel for my father’s satellite, first i temp modded the pins and then flashed with a firmware that toshiba supplied. would I be able to do the same for the k16 and where would I find such firmware or modding sofware. the reason I’m not looking for another 6472 is that its burning too many coasters. I was also considering a nec 6750A but I’m a little intregued by the dvd ram format, I’m a making a better choice with the poineer. BTW I know I’m posting in a poineer section its just that I would have to post on two other section just to get mixed answers.