Hi, just got this new slim multiburner for christmas. I think that since it is so new, there is almost no official or web information/firmwares… available around, so this is a good excuse to open a new thread to request for experiences/information.

First I’ll give a very brief review of my unit :

My unit comes with fw level 1.33, and it is not a very good burner in terms of quality. Best media I found yet is mcc003 (verbatim +R 8x), while mcc004 (verbatim +R 16x) burns really crappy discs (POs above 400 for most of the disc). Even the mcc003 does get some peaks at around 150 POs in each disk.

Regarding speed, it takes about 12.5 minutes to burn a full disk at 8x (quite normal for slim drives).

It has no special problems with DVD-R (even if burn quality in general is not good either). Have not tested yet RAM or DL burning…

The good things of this burner are :

  • Price
  • Function (+,-R, DL and RAM support)
  • Speed (compared to all other slim drives available).
  • Low power consumption (it does not heat up my USB enclosure)

Someone around has any other experience to post ? anyone knows of a firmware which can improve it’s write quality or has a drive with a newer fw level ?

This Slimtype burner were just released - there is no firmware update available yet, not even here:


Yes, that is right… still quite unknown. A brief update re. writing quality, it is improving a lot. I could burn a mcc003 +R disk yesterday with MAX PI=5 for the whole disk !. It is like if the ‘learning’ abilities of the drive are working pretty well.

One further comment though, is that you should NOT use this drive in a unpowered (or only USB powered) enclosure, as even the power supplied by two USB ports is not enough to make it work reliably. Once you give it independent power supply it works great.