DVR-K16 Write Quality

Hi 1st post.

I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-K16 slimline 8x DVD Burner installed on my HP Compaq nx9010. Drive works OK but I am seeing a wide variation in write quality for different media.

After burning certain media and testing using Plextools I have seen a lot of discs with large areas of high PI errors (between 600 and 800 errors) but only in certain zones, perhaps speed dependant. Media I have had problems with include

Maxell 002 DVD+R
CMC MAG E01 DVD+R(this seems to be the worse)
RitekG05 DVD-R

Other media I have had no problems with


All media was written at 8X.

Basically I was wondering if people have had similar problems with the same media, perhaps give me an idea of media to avoid and also if anybody has had good results with different media then tell me about those as well so I can cherrypick the media that I buy.


You should honestly only use good quality media with a slimtype burner. :wink:

Good advice, but how do I know what is good media for this drive. MCC 003 and MCC 004 must be from the same manufacturer but one is good and the other bad.
If anybody has the DVR-K16 drive and have had the same problems with media I would like to know so I can avoid this media, also if they have had repeated success with a particular media type I would like to know so I can buy the same type.
If nobody has seen these problems maybe it is a problem with my drive and I need to return it.

Stick with the media that worked for you.
Verbatims and TY should work with any burner.

definately TY and verbatim. i use verbatim on my k16 in my budget dell b130 laptop with no issues. i also use panasonics dvd ram discs and they work well also…