DVR-K15 not recognized by software



I have a Pioneer DVR-K15 in my HP laptop and it has been great. Recently I have not been able to get Nero 6.6, Adobe Premier Pro professional video editing suite, Sonic MyDVD, 1-click DVD and any music program to recognize that the drive is even there. It will play movies and games but as far as burning goes or music it is not happening. I need this for my video business. Can anyone please help me? I have deleted the drive and reinstalled it numerous times and I cannot find any firmware updates for it. Firmware on it is 1.11. I left a message with Pioneer but figured you all may be faster to respond. Thanks!


I have very similar problem. Please, anyone, help me! :bow: :bow:


Here is what I got from HP’s help desk and it worked for me. I hope it helps you too.

Step I Reinstall CD/DVD drive from device manager. In order to reinstall any CD/DVD device, we suggest you follow these steps: 1. Click Start, 2. Click Setting 3. Click Control Panel. 4. Double click on System icon. 5. This opens the System properties window. 6. Click Device Manager tab. 7. Click “+” beside the CD/DVD device. 8. Click on remove button. 9. Click OK button 10. Restart.

Step II
Please perform the following steps to reinstall DVD/CD-ROM drives : 1. Right-click My Computer. 2. Select Properties. 3. Click Hardware. 4. Click Device Manager. 5. Click the “+” symbol against DVD/CD-ROM drives. 6. Right-click the device under DVD/CD-ROM and select Uninstall. 7. Restart the system. The respective device drivers would be reinstalled.

Step III
To resolve the issue we can try installing Registry patch that is available for download from the following web link. And 1)Once you download this file, 2)double-click the downloaded file to update the Windows Registry. 3)Restart the computer when prompted.

Step IV
Please download the firmware upgrade also! ( If avaliable)