DVR-K12D problem with copied DVDs


I have got a laptop with the DVR-K12D DVDRW which does’t read copied DVDs. It reads original DVDs but not the copied ones. It thinks that they are empty. With CDs it doesn’t have any broblem.

What can I do to fix the problem ?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got a Sony VAIO PCG-K25 that has the Pioneer DVR-K12D in it. I have also had the same problem with it not reading DVDs that have been copied, but will read a regular DVD from the factory just fine. I have sent the whole machine back to be repaired once before. It worked for a couple of weeks, but then went back to doing the same old thing again. I don’t know if this drive is just defective or what. I’m working on finding a drive I can just replace this one with now. Anyone have any ideas as to what this thing’s problem is? I’ve looked for the drive on Pioneer’s page and it isn’t even listed as one of their old models of drives… they practically act like it doesn’t exist. Must have been an embarrassment?