DVR-K12 problem



The dvr-K12 drive will no longer detect blank, writeable DVD but reads other media fine. Lens was cleaned. Using XP on Toshiba Satellite laptop. Advice?


What kinds of media have you tried. MID, or brand and country of origin. If you’ve only tried one or two, try some others. Quality and compatibility can vary batch to batch.



Tried Imation DVD+r (US bought) but isn’t getting detected. Error message says the CD is full or can’t be copied to. Have successfully burned before, but getting tired of buying disks that aren’t compatible with a picky drive. Will definitely look at brands from now on to see what’s working.


What burning app have you used??


Trying to use Drag n Drop CD+DVD to burn a DVD data disk. Autoplay does not bring up the prompt on what I want it to do which seems to indicated that the drive is not reading the disk correctly as blank media.


I’d suggest to not use such a crap (Packet-Writing software - all of them).
They make trouble… only.


i’m using pioneer dvr-k12ra, my laptop is acer farrari 3000, i burned rmvb files as dvd data by using both nero 6 and nti 7, it’s all successfully done, after eject from the dvd rom n i put it back again, the disc info showed no more space inside the disc, but it opened with no file, i believed my dvd rom can’t read it. however, i took this burned dvd to other machine, it works, u can see all files inside, but i just can’t use my own burner to read, please help



thanks a lot chef, it’s exactly what’s happening, but i still can’t fix it, thanks anyway