Dvr Flash

I am trying to upgrade to NIL’s new hacked 1.16 firmware and I have the files and the software for DVRFlash but when I go to open the Win32 program of DOS it opens for a second and then closes. Has anyone had this problem and can suggest a way of getting to flash my drive.

You have to open it in a DOS window to begin with

I did open it in a DOS window, but the program seemed to finish very quickly without giving me any options to choose. I did not get to change the names to the firmware I needed. Is there anyone way to keep the DOS program from closing so quickly.

First open the command line window manually by typing “cmd” in the Start->Run box. This is a command line program, so you aren’t going to be given and “options to choose”. You must tell the program what to do when it is run. I’d recommend reading up on how to use DOS online.

Have you tried using the dvrflashGUI.
I find this works well and makes things a lot easier, if like me DOS was before your time.
Have a look at this thread

Thank you so much for your help…problem solved. :bow:

No problem mate. Glad it worked out for you.
It is a great program. All thanks go to the creators!!!

I did a Nero DVD/CD Speed test and got an average of 7.07x when I was using a Ritek Ridata GO4 4x DVD-R. Amazing…thanks so much everyone.

They do work well, however the quality of the G04 does seem to be slipping.
The G05 or the fujifilm03 discs @8x only cost a couple of pence more per disc,and the quality seems better.

Well I just bought a 100pack of GO4 so by the time I am done I hope the GO5 will be right around the same price. I got my 100 pack for 44 dollars from I had a $8 dollar coupon though that someone posted at (GREAT SITE)

I am still a fan of the G04 disc, and still burn mine @8x. I do find the proper 8x discs to be better quality as you would expect, but they seem to burn quicker than the 4x@8x.
I am sure that you will be happy with the 107 and Nils firmware either way.