DVR-AO6U (106D) won't burn DVD-R's

This is my first post on this forum, and am new to DVD burning, so I apologize for my ignorance, but would greatly appreciate any help you can give.
The drive burns DVD-RW fine, but won’t burn DVD-R’s - though it’s supposed to. (the DVD-R’s are Verbatim, as are the DVD-RW’s, and I’ve attempted to burn with several DVD-R’s)
Re: media it burns to, the manual says “Specific application program that support above format is needed to write”. I went to Pioneer’s site to see if my firmware needed to be updated - but it is current.
Would appreciate any suggestions. I have a spindle of DVD-R’s; and am under the understanding that DVD-R’s are better for storage than -RW’s?

“Specific application program that support above format is needed to write”.

Update your burning app.

I went to pioneer’s website and downloaded and installed “win version 1.08 for improved disc set-up process”. Is this the burning app? Could find no other downloads for A06U/106D.
Still, when I try to burn to DVD-R’s, I get the message “E:/is not accessable - incorrect function”.
I downloaded an app that defines drives. It only listed my DVD drive a DVD-RW, and as DVR 106D, though my manual says A06U. This is OEM? 106D’s are also listed as DVR-R.
I am confused.
Still have the 50 pack spindle and would prefer using DVD-R over DVD-RW.
I’d appreciate any further suggestions, tips, etc.

You will want to use an actual burning application, which is seperate from the hardware. A common application (and the one I use) is Nero Burning Rom. It is available in computer stores or online at You can also use other programs. Don’t try to use Windows XP’s “built in” cd burning application - it just dosen’t work that well (and most of the time, not at all!)

You can use -RW or -R for storage. If you want to burn movies that will play in settop DVD players, use -R. Only a few stand alone players can recognize -RW disks, but they are generally fine with computer drives. Verbatum is a good brand, and should work ok once you get all the right tools.

Hi Bryan

I have just had exactly the same problem as you describe and have discovered this solution - maybe it will be the same as your problem.

I have had a 106/A06 for almost a year and it has worked perfectly up until about 3 weeks ago - to cut a long story short, it started failing to write DVD-R discs the week after my computer updated the operating system to Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). NOTE: that was the first time I had tried to write a DVD since the upgrade to SP2, and I didn’t put the two things together until today. I use the version of Nero that came with the drive (version 5.5) and even tried upgrading to the latest 5.5 version, but this didn’t work - still burnt lots of coasters. The solution for me - I downloaded the latest demo version of Nero ( and it burns DVD-Rs again perfectly. Now my problem is coming up with the money to upgrade… :slight_smile:

A frustrating road to find this solution - but the basic thing for me was that Nero 5.5 wasn’t compatible with Windows XP SP2.

Hope that helps you, and if not maybe someone else - it has been a long and frustrating day.

Paul :slight_smile:

PS. Just like your situation, my Pioneer DVD writer still wrote DVD-RW even when it wouldn’t write the DVD-R discs