DVR and HD penetration in set-top box market

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According to a recent report from iSuppli set-top boxes will remain at least another ten years. Set-top boxes are projected to remain vital to the consumer electronics industry, says Home Media…

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I suspect that STB’s will remain with us as long as there are TV’s. Kinda sorta like STD’s, and sex!:rolleyes:

“iSuppli can’t say what kind of form the technology will take in the coming years, but that digital video recording and high-definition will play a role is sure, says the research firm.”

WTF? Who is paying for this nonsense from “iSupply”? This is the most worthless “report” I have ever seen! It’s as though some high school kid was called upon by his teacher and he forgot to read his homework the night before- so he just starts spewing crap- Sarah Palin style.
I mean what the hell else are you going to record from a set top box for a TV besides video? And since the “STB” uses a HDD - OF COURSE IT IS GOING TO BE DIGITALLY STORED!!! rolls eyes

LOL naw I did not know that a hdd could be used for that!!! OMG…
Well laughing of course as I have not stepped out of the friken 18th century!!

Isupply sounds like an Apple mac distributor lmao