DVR-A11XLC problem



No problem reading pressed/burned disc. No problem with burning data to blank media. But, drive unable to detect blank media while making exact disk copy. Drive write head dead? hope you gurus out there able to help. thanks.


what software are you using to copy disc to disc?


The source is ??
The target is ??
The software used is ??


Thanks for the respond. I hook up my A11 through USB2 box to my IBM notebook. But I have trouble with buffer underrun problem using software came with the A11(Ulead). Then I tried using the RecordNow(V7) which was pre-installed on my IBM notebook. The source is the default drive on the note book, target is the A11. I have no problem initially to disk copy 7 disks. The problem occured on the 8th disk. And from there on I have this error, be it setting source and target to A11, or copy from image file. However, strange thing is I’m able to backup data file uses DLA mode.


Search for an firmware update for this external box (and it`s chipset).