DVR-A10XL Discontinued?

Have had this burner on order for a couple of weeks in Australia & today I found out I can only get the white bezel version as Pioneer appear to have discontinued the manufacture of this unit & the black bezel is no longer in stock :confused: . This might also apply to the 110 series in the near future but it seems Pionner are about to launch the new Blueray burner as the replacement.

Might have to install a 110 black bezel on the A10XL as white doesn’t go with my set-up.

Has anyone heard about this series of burners being phased out in the near future?


I havn’t heard anything, but I believe it’s too early yet… Anyway I thought i read something about releasing a 111 model before they go deeply into the blueray. Guess I miss undestood it…

Blu-Ray Burners from Pioneer will come soon and not just 1 model.
DVD burners still exist and will continue.

I have also been told that the 110 is being discontinued but haven’t heard anything about the A10. I will make some enquiries and see what I can find out.

Try here:

I spoke to CPL yesterday and they said that they can still get the A10 drives in all 3 colours and they actually had them in stock, they haven’t been told anything about the drive being discontinued. :slight_smile:


Apart from the shop that sourced my A10XL (not in clour I wanted) I spoke to 2 major internet hardware retailers in Sydney & all told me the drive was discontinued & only colours available were those in stock. Seems like many internet sites advertising this drive are now out of date.

@ Acer2
If you really want a black 1 order from CPL in Melbourne they will deliver to Sydney for a fee.

not sure about australia, but in us, it seems like pio is pulling out; bestbuy says they won’t get any more pio dvd drives

Another 110 discontinued (in Australia) post:

I’m not sure that Best Buy ever had the 110D, but they currently, at Best offer the retail versions

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I don’t see how they can declare DVD writers obsolete - I mean what kind of price is Blu-ray going to be launching at?

Unless they have fingers in enough other pies that they are prepared to abandon the DVD writer market to others, while going after the “early adopters” of blu-ray.

Blue ray drives will be backwards compatable to dvd just like dvd drives are to cd. Its the price which might be in question

Who do you mean?

If I remember correctly the first blu-ray model won’t write CDs, and since it will be priced much higher than even an expensive DVD writer (as will its media) I can’t imagine Pioneer will have a big market for it initially. I don’t know what the 110/110D market share has been, but I suspect the blu-ray won’t reach enough buyers until the second or third models, when prices might lower and CD writing is restored.

Also I think the blu-ray is being aimed at the rofessional video market for the time being. I don’t see Pioner abandoning the consumer DVD/CD market.

If they (Pioneer) discontinue the A10XL with no sign of a replacement, then they are jumping ship from the DVD writer market, unless it’s only the retail model they drop, and keep the OEM available.

Or have I completely missed the DVR-111 / A11XL ? - what would they add - lightscribe, I suppose, after all, the 110 has a DVD-RAM option, so it’s a “triple format”, and also has the current maximum speeds for all types of media.

The 110 series range will be comletely replaced by the 111 range of drives.

More info still waiting to be unleashed.

More info:

Hmmm seems dvd-ram writing IS still available even though it was stated it wouldnt. Good news.