Dvr-a106d Pioneer

I´ve had a 105 and a 106 drives working for months hassless free. I Installed a new computer for WMVHD (Pentium 3GHz, 1GB RAM, RADEON 9800PRO 256MB) and put the 106 in there.
It reads perfectly well the IMAX HD dvd´s, as well as any orher SD purchased DVDs but does not red my previous burned DVD-R dvds, unless you burn them in the drive in the new computer. But the worst thing is that it burns everything at 1x, no matter I use my 4x printable DVDs I´ve been using for the past 12 minths, or DVD-RW rated at 2x. He recognizes the speed of the DVD media but it burns in 1 hour everything. I installed the new firmware rated for this drive (1.08) but the problem persists.
Any hint?
Thanks in advance
Carlo Ferraro

I use nero 6 as burning software
Carlo Ferraro