Dvr A09 (v 1.40)



I have this particular burner.
When burning DVD’s it will burn at maximum speed with no problems, but with CD’s I can only burn at 24x using nero. On one occasion I could only attain 4x burning to a CD, using 52x rated discs (Verbatim). I am not sure if this is a Pioneer or Nero problem as this drive is supposed to be capable of writing at 40x.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.


I don’t think that burning cd-r’s is it’s strong piont.


I just changed to an 80 wire IDE cable. I’ll see if that makes any difference.
I’ll post back with results when I get the chance to try another CD.


I have this issue too. Media support on CDR is very weak imo on the 109. I have a lot of media also showing up as only 4x. Only very select media seems to burn any higher for me mainly Mitsui.


Yeah its a quite quirky in this drive. I use Verbatim Datalife Plus media and even though most of the time it will give me the option of burning at high speed, sometimes it will only let me burn at 4x, on identical media…


I burn at 24x and more with Sprasi one’s.

I only did a few like 10 on various Princo and Staples (not sure the media code)

It does stop short of offering more than 32X but burn are fast enough for me and since they are made from an USB2.0 drive I do not expect fast burn anyway!