DVR-A09 replacement and problem

Right now I have DVR-A09, which I really like but lately it had some problems detecting disc. I was thinking about replacing it with DVR-A11, but I really doubt that it will ever be released in USA. My next choice is DVR-111 or 111D.

What I was wondering did anyone check or tried replacing the front bezel from A09 on 111? I really like the look of retail drive.

Or, if you know how to solve this issue.

Problem with the drive is sometimes when I insert disc, data or blank it will just sit there like there is no disc in the drive. When I go to my computer and try to open the drive it will wake up and autoplay. my benq drive autoplays with no problem.

Yes peeps here have swapped bezels, I prefer the honeycomb case though it really helps vibration/noise.

Your drive like any cd/dvd tray inc hifi’s has a sensor to let it see a disc in in tray, it may be dirty, my cousin has same problem in a 6 disc multichanger in Pioneer hifi like 15 years ago, he swapped sensor for one from a cash registers and fixed it. (thats his line of business) :wink:

thanks i decided to get DVR-710 (aka DVR-111) now A11XL and front bezel fit perferctly

A blank?
I doubt it.

sorry, but what do you mean?

Blank media and autoplay - what should that have in common?

xp shows the autoplay when you insert media asking you what you want to do

A useless feature, IMO.

i know that, but it just another proof for me that my A09 has trouble detecting disc. data, audo, video or blank, i would say 3 out of 5 times just sits there like there is no disc in the drive.

I think it’s more a software issue.